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Saturday, May 02, 2015

This is a really stupid story. Or memory.One of the "bubble gum" songs on my ipod is "Here comes my baby" by the Tremaloes. This was one of the cutesy songs that you would listen to BY YOURSELF. I mean, you try to be cool ,right? "You don't own me" and "Sugar Shack" are a few others. Anyway, I was tooling down W. Pensacola Ave. In Tallahassee with crazy Shar in my beloved Dodge Dart. "Here comes my baby" comes on my radio. I decided"what the hell. I want to hear this". Click. What? Shar turned it off. "What the ___?" Click, I turn it back on. ":Vicki! I hate that song. It reminds me of my old boyfriend. Besides, you don't even like Ricky Nelson!". Ricky Nelson? What am I, a bobbysoxer? "Thats not Ricky Nelson, Are you crazy __ ___" "Vicki, stop cursing. Do you always have to curse?" "If its not Ricky Nelson, who is it?" "Um..I don't remember but its NOT Ricky Nelson" "Yes, it is" :No its not ___ __ _-" A silly slap fight ensues while I'm driving (do not do this at home). I drive straight into a hedge on the sidewalk. Shar sneers at me,gets out the car and walks home. I manage to get home myself. We didn't speak for a week. I told you this was a stupid story.


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