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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sail Boston

I don't remember when. It was in the seventies, that I know for sure. A friend of mine, Jean, worked at Harvard and invited me to a harbor cruise when the Tall Ships were in town.
It was all Harvard people, staff & faculty and I knew no one but it didn't matter. It had already been an interesting time for us city dwellers. The streets were full of foreign sailors from everywhere and they were all adorable.
The ship would cruise around the harbor of course and would pass all the beautiful ships. I felt like I was in an old pirate movie (before Captain Jack Sparrow!). The masts were adorned with colored lights or lanterns and we even had a live rock band. However, everyone was drinking and thats something I hadn't indulged in since college so my memories are pretty murky. I remember it was all soooo pretty.
I'm so glad I got to experience of many,actually. Boston then was a wonderful awesome place to be young.