The Impoverished Gentlewoman

A '60s woman lost in the woods.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

thrilling days of yesteryear

My last entry was fairly grim so I thought I would pick little pieces of my life,shake them out like old forgotten sweaters and smile at the memories they evoke. Thats my life-never a whole piece but little badly stitched up corners. Don't knock the corners though-some are kind of cool.
How do you know its love? No, not his kiss.
In a good place with Rhett, no a glorious place. I was visiting him at his family home in Largo,Fl. 
We were driving through St. Petersburg ,making fun at all the old people(yes,I know.Karma is a bitch).  "Happy Together" by the Turtles was playing on the radio.The Turtles might have been considered bubble gum musc except for the fact that everybdy loved the Turtles. We turned up the sound as far as it would go.we all did this to irritate the older generation because they hated our music so much.
Rhett held my hand and we sang that song LOUD. We looked at each other,full of love and happiness. That was the best,absolutely the best moment ever.  I'll always love you,Rhett.  Peace.
My boyfriend Vic and I went t see "Beatlemania" in Boston. Okay, I thought I was in love. We walked back to my apartment in Beacon Hill via the common and held hands and sang "Yesterday" at the top of our lungs. It was what I called a "movie set" moment. No one existed but us.
Was it the music of our generation that was the connectve tissue of our relationships? Did we have "our song"? yes. With Rhett it was "Bridge over Troubled Waters" With Vic it was"Your Smiling Face"(James Taylor). So Aha! Theres your proof.
Both relationships ended badly but thats life.  I've always believed that I'm a damaged person but still wanted to try to grab the golden ring. I wanted to go as far as I can while realizing my limitations. The "60's" culture was perfect for me in many ways I remember a walk on the beach with a group of friends in Provincetown.  One person shouted "This is my second childhood" while throwing himself into the surf. "No. This IS our childhood" said the guy I was seeing(briefly,always briefly.I don't remember his name but he had a beautiful white german shepherd). So many of us were lost children.
Brief but glorious and sometimes love. I'll take it.