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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm only sleeping.....

I try not to be predictable but on anniversaries its inescapable. Thirty years ago today, John Lennon was murdered. Its one of those "Where were you?" moments.
The weather was very similar to the weather today-bitterly cold and windy. My friend Sylvia was visiting from England. Time marches on and we are no longer friends but Sylvia holds a special place in the time line of my life. She not only took me to a party where I met my friend Brenda but also introduced me to my children's father.
My daughter Georgy was an adorable but bossy toddler who loved to stomach-butt everything and everyone. She even charmed Sylvia.
She wanted to see some touristy sights so we had gone to Plymouth and this particular morning-to Rockport. We came back on a train and sitting across from us was a man holding a newspaper. The front page read "LENNON SHOT". I let out a squeal. The man lowered his paper, saw my scrunched up,tearful face and handed it over. The only information I could glean was that he had been shot by a demented fan. By the time we got back, we had learned he had died.
There were a couple of things going on in the common so we went. We ended up in a circle of people, just talking and listening to others singing some of his songs. When Sylvia got back to the UK, she said people there didn't react half as strongly as they did here.
Urban legends? There might be a few. It is true that even though he was DOA, they tried surgery and blood transfusions. Reporters wept openly. The only one I'm not sure of is that we'd heard that the NYPD, afraid the ambulance would take too long,lifted John above their heads and put him a police car. But I could believe it. I've always loved the Beatles and do you know what? I intend to get all of their music on itunes and let it continue to be the background music of my life.