The Impoverished Gentlewoman

A '60s woman lost in the woods.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

With apologies to Skeeter Davis....

My biggest regret in those wild days of the sixties was that I never got to London. Everything cool was there: The Beatles, The Stones, Mary Quant, Twiggy, the Mods and Rockers,etc. King's Road was "The" place to be so when I had to pick a bed & breakfast for one night before my famous(in my mind) grand tour, someone suggested Chelsea because it was a good,safe area. The Joni Mitchell song began to play in my fevered brain. "its on Oakley St., off King's Road" this helpful person continued. "Really?". Well, that settled that.
When my trip was completed and my 3 week sojourn in Oxford was over, I decided to stay at the same establishment. I took a bus from Sloane Sq. tube station. I used to love to ride on the double-deckers but never judged where I was very well and ended up literally throwing myself down the stairs to make my exit.
The bus was going down the King's Road and I obviously went past Oakley St. because the driver shouted"Last stop! World's End". World's End? What? How cool! And I glanced out the window and saw a town clock that had no hands. Was I seeing things? Maybe. On something? No( really ).
So this is the place I have to stay! For a week and after I do my tourist thing, leave for San Francisco. But I was robbed in Leicester Square and the rest is history . Yeah, I know. In my mind.