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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fifty years?    Noooooooooooo!

This should have registered earlier but..I do not know, maybe dying brain cells.  No, its summer and July and it only took one reference to summer of love to bring in sharper focus.  Fifty years ago was 1967 and that was a special yearthat  changed the world for me and mine.
It was so simple really.
I was going to Haight-Ashbury but lacked the funds so stayed with a friends family in Miami (Perrine to be exact). I worked at a steakhouse and got involved with a serviceman (Air Force).  Unfortunately the family was insane(creepy older brother roaming the halls at night) and ended badly with Jim(this is why I hate House of the rising sun ).  I gave up my flowers in my hair city and decided on Hyannis because I love the Kennedys.
I took a train and ended up in Providence RI(1st one in my family to set foot in New England) to await my missing luggage. Someone suggested(some random sadist) Provincetown so in a few days I took a bus to said location.  Other stories on Provincetown so I will not bore my reader.
The point is- I ended up going to Ptown just about every summer and ended up moving to Boston.  So that summer of 1967 lead to my establishing roots in this crazy place for me and my kids..and their kids and so on.
All in all, a good decision I think.  But 50 years?!!!  No way.😛😕