The Impoverished Gentlewoman

A '60s woman lost in the woods.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


My Uncle Jack was only thirteen when I was born. He was always "Jackie" to me and my cousins. Sometime between "Jackie" and when he became "Jack",a lot of bonds were broken and there will be no condolence card. So there are only better memories in the past. No regrets because these relationships were not in my control.
Whenever my parents had financial problems (which was often) I was sent to live with my grandmother. I have fond memories of Princeton and loved Voncourt Apartments where she and Jackie lived. One of my earliest memories was of me sitting on Jackie's lap (was I two? three?) when he was trying to eat breakfast before school.
"Mother,(she was always mother to her children which was pretty unusual in that area)make her get down" he would complain. "Oh let her stay" she would say and smile at me. I would be beaming because I had gotten my way.

I remember that very clearly. I know why. I was happy. Those are the only memories I care to keep.
No hard feelings. I'll cherish who I have left now that I am free to love them.
One thing stands out. Now all of Mamo's children are gone.